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Founded in 2018, Edge Energy easily and affordably connects businesses with America’s natural gas reserves. Our turnkey solutions combine high-quality, continuous LNG supply, LNG storage, regasification and pressure regulation, depending on your needs. Freedom from using a pipeline means your business is free to fuel up more readily, less expensively, and with a cleaner source of energy than propane or diesel. No one does it better than Edge Energy.

Our Stakeholder

Galileo Technologies is the company behind the Cryobox, Virtual Pipeline and regasification technologies that make Edge Energy possible. With services and manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, California and Texas, Galileo Technologies is both an investor and exclusive technology partner to Edge Energy.

On the Cutting Edge of Alternative Fuel

We are creators of a new vision: Gas 3.0

The shale revolution has transformed the American onshore oil and gas sector. Energy independence has been bolstered, communities revitalised and America has become one of the world’s foremost gas exporters.

However, the revolution hasn’t reached everyone. Both potential users and producers of natural gas have been locked out by lack of access to pipeline capacity. 

Edge Energy uses exclusive technology to deliver LNG anywhere

Edge Energy uses exclusive technology from Galileo Technologies to easily upgrade and liquefy gas right at right at the wellhead, and deliver LNG anywhere.

Edge Energy marks a new era: Gas 3.0. Welcome to a world where pipelines are virtual and flexible, not physical and fixed. We can help any business use LNG, lowering emissions at competitive and predictable prices.

Edge Energy uses exclusive technology to deliver LNG anywhere

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