A world-first solution to flaring, venting and stranded wells

Trillions of cubic feet of natural gas are flared, vented or left stranded due to a lack of takeaway capacity or economic alternatives. The Edge LNG gathering virtual pipeline offers a transformative new solution – capturing and converting associated and stranded gas into LNG. No pipeline, no problem.

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How Edge LNG helps you

Whatever the source – gas flared or vented as a by-product of production, or trapped in stranded and orphaned wells – Edge LNG produces and distributes the lowest-cost LNG on the market.

Using the Edge LNG gathering virtual pipeline, LNG is delivered directly to terminals or end-users, including power generators, transport fleets or remote facilities with high-horsepower applications, as a cleaner diesel alternative.

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Edge LNG can go anywhere, wherever the well, no pipelines necessary

Monetize your flared and stranded gas

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