Our Process

The Edge LNG process is built on flexibility, portability and speed.

Our Galileo gas capture, liquefaction and storage modules – called Cryoboxes – are easily delivered by truck, with a footprint no bigger than an HGV trailer. Set-up is rapid and LNG production can begin within hours of delivery. Produced LNG can then be used on-site or delivered directly to the market. We manage the entire process so that asset owners can capture and monetize flared, vented and stranded gas with minimal effort and investment. 

Introducing Gas 3.0

Trillions of cubic feet of natural gas are flared or vented annually, and trillions more are left in the ground for lack of a cost-effective route to market. At the same time, global demand for gas is growing as the world’s energy needs evolve.

This gas could be powering communities and economies. Instead, it is left untouched, or burned as waste – all for a lack of economic gathering capacity.

Edge LNG marks a new era: one where pipelines are virtual, not physical; and flexible, not fixed. Where any business that wants to use LNG can, and any well owner who wants to sell their gas has a route to market. We have entered an era where natural gas reserves can reach their full potential.

We call that the Third Generation of Gas – or Gas 3.0 – and we’re ready to take it to the US and the world.

The Cryobox-Trailer

Edge LNG is made possible by the Cryobox-Trailer™ from Galileo. Each unit can produce approximately 10,000 gallons (15 metric tons) of LNG per day, directly from the well or flare.


Monetize your flared and stranded gas

Our modular, mobile approach means that you can:

Monetize multiple gas sources

The ZPTS® Plant conditions all types of gas: from high CO2 content sources such as biomethane, to simpler compositions of gas with limited dehydration requirements.

Count on scalable capacity

Our simple, flexible model means you can add more units to meet demand.

Meet customized fuel needs

Both for high horsepower consumers and communities. 

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