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How EDGE can help you

EDGE connects America’s natural gas reserves, wherever they are, with the market, wherever it is.

Existing LNG users

EDGE offers a reliable supply of high quality, low-cost LNG, delivered flexibly.

Potential LNG users

EDGE gives confidence to those considering switching away from more expensive, dirtier fuels such as diesel and heating oil, by providing a secure supply with no need for pipeline connections.

Stranded gas asset owners

EDGE represents a low-cost, low-risk route to market without investing in fixed infrastructure or takeaway capacity.

Oil producers

EDGE gives a profitable alternative to flaring associated gas without slowing production, boosting return on investment.

Introducing Gas 3.0

The shale revolution has transformed the American onshore oil and gas sector. Energy independence has been bolstered, communities revitalised and America has become one of the world’s foremost gas exporters.

However, the revolution hasn’t reached everyone. Both potential users and producers of natural gas have been locked out by lack of access to pipeline capacity.

EDGE marks a new era: one where pipelines are virtual, not physical, and flexible, not fixed. Where any business that wants to use LNG can, and any well owner who wants to sell their gas has a route to market.

We call that the Third Generation of Gas – or Gas 3.0 – and we’re ready to take it to America and the world.

Our Stakeholders

 EDGE USA has three primary stakeholders.

Galileo Technologies is the company behind the Cryobox and Virtual Pipeline technologies that make EDGE possible. Based in Argentina, Galileo Technologies is both an investor and exclusive technology partner to EDGE.
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Blue Water Energy is a specialist international private equity firm focused on the energy sector. With more than $2.5bn under management, Blue Water Energy has a track record in supporting transformative energy companies, including Galileo Technologies.
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NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC is EDGE’s exclusive sales and marketing partner. NextEra Energy Marketing, LLC is a wholly-owned and indirect subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc., the world’s largest utility company and a pioneer in reimagining America’s energy future.
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